James Bond will return in …

Tuesday November 8th 2011

Perhaps the most ‘important’ film event I missed during my seaside trip to Brighton last week was Thursday afternoon’s James Bond press conference. All the principal cast were assembled at a Central London hotel (along with first-time Bond director Sam Mendes) to discuss their Big Plans for Bond 23, specifically: let’s not make it as mind-numbingly boring as Bond 22. Among the revelations: the full cast list (which includes Javier Bardem and Naomi Harris), the budget ($230 million dollars) and of course the title … Skyfall.

Given that the announcement marked the point where James Bond films started having worse titles than James Bond video games (which takes some doing … <cough>Nightfire</cough>) it’s lucky that they also had the snazzy sans serif logo you see above on hand to distract people.

It’s also lucky that they provided the logo to the press immediately afterwards because it allowed me to come up with several alternate titles that I feel are far superior. Here’s my favourite:

Yes, I know it’s not the traditional spelling of ‘falafel’. Tell that to the Tesco Real Food website.