Funny People lives up to title says Paul Ross of The Sun

Wednesday August 26th 2009

I had been a bit apprehensive about Funny People. A lot of cats were saying that it lagged a bit and wasn’t as funny at Japatow’s previous work. The two and a half hour runtime didn’t get me too excited either.

Luckily, those fools don’t know shit.

Here are two amazing things about Funny People, in order of amazingness:

  1. It’s not as funny as Japatow’s previous work
  2. It’s two and a half hours long

The cast is Uptown Top Ranking as well, especially Eric Bana who’s a comedy genius as of today. And I love Leslie Mann. And Seth Rogen is just as good thin. And it’s got some amazing cameos. But I’m getting a bit bored of Jonah Hill. I’m sorry.

See it. Love it. Buy the Blu-ray.