Fish Tank

Wednesday September 2nd 2009

Uuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrggggggaaaaaaahhhh. GRITTY URBAN BRITISH DRAMAS. Why are they almost always shit? I’m guessing the key word in their downfall is that third one.

Thank God then, for Fish Tank. Fish Tank is not shit. Fish Tank is the best British movie of the year. Even that’s a fucking insult considering that the next best one is The Damned United.

Newcomer Katie Jarvis is phenomenal. You’ve probably already read her story (17 years old… discovered on train platform… teenage mother… very good at this acting lark) but she really is the fucking backbone of the film. Fassbender is as good as he always is, even if he’s more used to $70 million Tarantino epics now than he is to micro-budgeted G.U.B.D.s set in Essex council estates.

The best thing about Fish Tank is how totally megatron it looks. When you compare it to drab shit like Shifty or even Adulthood or whatever, it really takes home the prize:

Even the slightly affectatious choice to shoot in 4:3 is pretty forgivable when it looks this crisp.

9/10. See Best of Year.