Exposé: Meryl Streep image doctored on new Iron Lady poster

Monday November 14th 2011

Hollywood’s ingrained prejudice towards women over 40 is well documented, and for a long time it seemed as though only Meryl Streep — that bastion of career longevity — was immune from the mainstream film industry’s rabid rejection of all things grey-haired. Well folks, the time has come: Meryl Streep’s natural looks are no longer considered suitable for mass consumption.

I can exclusively reveal that the producers of the upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady have dramatically doctored images of Streep in order to make them ‘societally acceptable’ for use on the new UK quad poster (above). This is a flagrant act of sexism and ageism, and if we’re ever going to address the problems of our increasingly image-conscious society we need to stamp out behaviour like this immediately. So in the interests of transparency, integrity and feminism, I’m proud to bring you the original unaltered UK quad, showcasing the simple, natural beauty of one of the world’s most talented and versatile actresses: