Could this be the greatest movie title of 2011?

Wednesday November 23rd 2011

That’s right: HERO HITLER IN LOVE.

Written and produced by lead actor Babbu Maan (who also did the music), Hero Hitler in Love is a Punjabi drama that’s been showing at a handful of cinemas since last Friday. Here’s the official plot synopsis — taken from the film’s Facebook page, which I suggest you all ‘Like’ right away:

“Hero Hitler In Love revolves around hitler ( Babbu Maan ) who lives in his village Ishqpura . Hitler is a man with unique and different thoughts who loves his fellow villagers and helps them unite their soul mates . hitler falls in love with Sahiban ( Mouni Roy ) . who lives in Pakistan and decides to bring her to his village hitler believes in solving the problems by taking about them but when something crosses the line he decides to become Real ” Adolf Hitler ” , Hitler Loves car racing but when he is set up to fail in the Asian Car Racing competition he decides to take revenge the story shapes how hitler takes his revenge and fights to win his girl and reunite both the nations.”

I know it’s very easy to laugh at a plot synopsis clearly written by someone for whom English is not a first language, but put aside the grammar and punctuation for a second and consider that this is the ACTUAL plot of a REAL movie that is SERIOUSLY in cinemas now:

A lovestruck villager named Hitler becomes the ‘Real Adolf Hitler’ in order to take revenge on the organisers of a car racing competition.

And this is the theme tune:

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And this is the trailer:

And this is the T-shirt that ‘Hitler’ wears in that trailer:

I badly need to see this movie.