No Budget Friday: Jetsam

Friday August 28th 2009

That picture makes the movie look really exciting doesn’t it?

How about if I tell you it’s a British movie?

With a very small budget.

And no stars.

I bet you’re on the edge of your seat.

Jetsam is a very independent film. It looks like it was shot on a mobile phone for someone’s Art Foundation final. It’s very derivative of Memento and various other New Hollywood hits. It’s only 84 minutes long. In this context, it isn’t bad. Let me repeat. If this movie had been made by an 18-year-old with no crew, I’d say ‘well done’.

But it wasn’t. It was made on a budget. It was made with a cast and crew. And it is being theatrically released (only at the ICA but still). It must be judged against the competition. And when it’s a choice between paying £7 for this, or paying £7 for The Hurt Locker, or Funny People or The Final Destination, you’d have to be fucking mental to go with the former.