The cast of New Year’s Eve on how they pick their projects

Tuesday December 6th 2011

“I look at movies now and there are a million factors that go into [picking projects], but first and foremost, I look at the type of movie and the messages. I really do care about the audience that has been so devoted to me, and I would hate to leave them behind or betray them, in any way.”

Zac Efron (via Collider)

“I’m completely selfish when I choose the films that I make and the parts that I play. I’m committed and focused on my kids when I’m not working so when I go to work it’s for me.”

– Michelle Pfeiffer (via Saga)

“I wanna do something different. I wanna do something dark and dirty … You never really know until you read [the script].”

Josh Duhamel (via Collider)

“I used to try to have some sort of a path that I had planned out [but usually projects came along] and I’d go, “Oh, this looks great. It’s not at all what I thought I’d be doing, but that’s what I should do because it feels right and I love the director, I love the producers, I love the script.”

Jessica Biel (via RadioFree)

“[I make movies] if they interest me. It could be the director, the script, could be anything, even a scene I think is great.”

Robert DeNiro (via iofilm)

“There are just very few scripts out there that are actually good, believe it or not. I would say maybe one in 20 scripts is good, and one in 50 is great. So finding those gems is the challenge.”

Hilary Swank (via indielondon)

“[I want to keep finding] really amazing roles.”

Lea Michele (via USA Today)

“Definitely what excites me and is the reason that I’ve been acting so long and hope to act for the rest of my life is that I love playing different characters and mixing it up.”

Carla Gugino (via Collider)

“I’m drawn to stories that have a hopeful thread through them.”

Katherine Heigl (via The Guardian)

“I try and take a different approach, and try to take roles that are different from the previous one … because I’m gradually trying to make the step forward and learn as much as I can before I take that starring role.”

Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges (via A.V. Club)

“The films that have made me feel the best have been the ones that have had a story that I’ve wanted to tell. As an actor, when you’re first starting off, you don’t necessarily get to choose that much. You kind of do what you’re given. As my choices have grown, I’ve been able to tell the stories that I like to tell, about people that I respect, or a story that has a message that I believe in. Those are the kind of films I want to make.”

Ashton Kutcher (via indielondon)

“I can now take the kind of risks [that] I used to be afraid of”

Halle Berry (via

“I still pursue my career in the way that I always did. I still look for interesting characters and stories.”

Sarah Jessica Parker (via indielondon)