Business as usual

We’re thrilled to announce that — as of today, Thursday 6th December — Ultra Culture has been fully acquired by News International (NI Group Ltd). This exciting change will allow Ultra Culture to expand exponentially: over the next 12 months, there are plans for as many as 10 new blog posts.

Content-wise, there will be no changes whatsoever at Ultra Culture as a result of this acquisition. We will continue to rail against cinema’s worst excesses and celebrate its greatest achievements, not least the recent spate of fantastic films — Life of PiThe Sessions and Lincoln among them — released by 20th Century Fox.

Ultra Culture editor Charlie Lyne had this to say: “I’ve said some unkind things about Rupert — sorry, Mr. Murdoch — in the past, but in the light of this acquisition I can now see that we were fighting for a common goal after all. Most importantly, I’d like to assure my readers that Ultra Culture will continue on exactly the same, business as usual. If anything, it will be even easier to type out my hilariously excoriating words on this lovely new gold laptop.”

Addendum: We’re also pleased to report that, under recommendation from News International, the nature of our Grantwatch feature will be changing substantially.