The Fighter

Tuesday January 18th 2011

I think I’ve made my thoughts clear.

Barney’s Version

Friday January 7th 2011

I bet you weren’t expecting him to fall over when he ran alongside the train.

127 Hours

Friday December 3rd 2010

I’ve made my feelings about 127 Hours pretty clear, but I thought I’d post the trailer up anyway as a favour for someone who might be able to get me into a True Grit screening to let you decide for yourselves.

Decide away!

(If you decide that you want to see 127 Hours, try again.)


Friday November 19th 2010

Feminism is so hot right now, and horses never go out of style, but whether this will be a ‘vital salute to women’ on the level of Made in Dagenham remains to be seen.

Love and Other Drugs

Wednesday November 17th 2010

Thank God this video embed has an age restriction form, otherwise under-18s everywhere might be traumatised by the word ‘dick’, some jokes about erections and a scene where we almost see one of Anne Hathaway’s breasts.

In other news: Gyllenhaal + Hathaway = Willing to forgive this movie anything.

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