Winnie the Pooh

Monday November 15th 2010

As heartlessly corporate and shamelessly mercenary as the reasons behind this movie may be, I can’t help but feel a rush of warmth and fuzziness every time I see footage from it. I can barely get twenty seconds into this trailer without exploding into a big ball of DAWWWWW.

However, if there’s one thing that isn’t welcome in the deep recesses of my nostalgic heart, it’s the dulcet sounds of Keane.


Tuesday November 9th 2010

Fresh from his totally respectful and not-at-all morally bankrupt Holocaust drama Auschwitz (a film so meticulously realistic that IMDb have accidentally classified it as a documentary), king of crap Uwe Boll is back and he’s worse than ever.

According to its plot synopsis, Blubarella is…

‘a comedy centered on an overweight woman whose footsteps cause explosions and whose dual swords are used against anyone who makes fun of her’

… and there are Nazis. Obviously.

As ever, Boll can’t resist a cameo, and he’s certainly stepped up his game this time:

It makes you wonder if Hilter ever did anything as awful as Blubarella

Friends with Benefits

Tuesday November 9th 2010

Who knew Justin Timberlake could sing?

No Strings Attached

Tuesday November 9th 2010

This is a hideously wasteful video embed.

Shame on you ‘Moviefone’. You don’t deserve the exclusive.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Saturday September 25th 2010

I hate to be pedantic but that’s totally not what the number 19 bus looks like.

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