A collection of flattering things that people have said.

Over the last few years, lots of people have been kind enough to say nice things about Ultra Culture in one medium or another.

Several of ‘the broadsheets’ have weighed in, with The Guardian enthusing that ‘Ultra Culture is a movie blog that avoids the normal pigeonholes for such ventures – namely fanboy lusting and celebrity snarking – for the far preferable mix of Lolcats-style captioning, mocking of rubbish posters and genuine enthusiasm for good films.’ We’ve since dropped the captioning. The Independent plumped for ‘very funny’, while The Times went with ‘perky and respected’, which I quite like. Liberal punchbag Christopher Tookey over at The Daily Mail was less enthusiastic, branding the blog ‘young and desperately trendy’.

Over on the magazine stand, Time Out and Little White Lies called Ultra Culture ‘enjoyably snarky’ and ‘refreshingly merciless’ respectively. i-D said that ‘Ultra Culture never gets bogged down with long, dull film reviews, instead offering concise, clipped pieces of funny commentary that can be enjoyed universally by many’, whereas Total Film opted for the more concise ‘serving up your movie news with a heavy splatter of satire’.

On the wireless, Lauren Laverne encouraged her BBC 6 Music listeners to ‘check it out, it’s rather marvellous’, while Francine Stock described the blog as ‘reckless and conversational’ on the Radio 4 Film Programme. Earlier this year, Claudia Winkleman informed the audience of the Radio 2 Arts Show: ‘if you don’t already love Ultra Culture, you should’.

And then there’s the internet, Ultra Culture’s spiritual and literal home. Aggregation grandaddy Rotten Tomatoes labelled the blog ‘the UK’s premier blog for irreverent film coverage’, hyperbole only surpassed by Sky Movies‘s decision to call it ‘easily the funniest, sharpest movie blog around, saying the things we’re not allowed to since 2008’. The Raindance Film Festival helpfully explained that Ultra Culture is ‘funny and homegrown’, while The Incredible Suit snarkily referred to is as ‘Earth’s second best movie blog’. Tech Radar said that ‘Ultra Culture strikes a careful balance between good-natured outrage, poster deconstruction and a genuine love of film, particularly the 2004 teen-road-movie EuroTrip for some reason’, while ‘sublime’ and ‘brilliant’ were adjectives used by Hey U Guys and Holy Moly respectively. Popjustice listed the blog amongst its ‘sites we like that aren’t about music’.

A few of Britain’s best ‘creatives’ have also weighed in, with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish calling Ultra Culture ‘one of my favourite blogs’ and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright branding it ‘my favourite website on the internet, after Google’.

But by far the most eloquent words ever written about Ultra Culture appeared in an edition of London Student, perfectly distilling everything that makes the blog brilliant into a single exquisite phrase: ‘transcends the quotidian banality of its contemporaries’.

Now there are seven words to live your life by.