/ Friday 22nd March / 8:00pm

Join Ultra Culture Cinema this spring as we break with tradition and move into the spectacular setting of the ICA Theatre for our wildest night yet: the UK premiere of Harmony Korine’s rowdy, raunchy nightmare of a teen movie, Spring Breakers.

A mind-altering collage of juvenile vice and Floridian debauchery, the film finds Korine working at maximum capacity, leaving no controversy unstoked, no mind unfucked and no scene transition unadorned with James Franco’s intoxicating mantra of ‘spring break, spring break forever’.

Backed by a soundtrack combining the talents of Skrillex, SebastiAn and Drive‘s Cliff Martinez, Spring Breakers powers through its odyssey of excess like a hedonistic fever dream, sweating off the screen in a haze of fuzzy memories and ill-fated good times. With the muscle of the ICA Theatre’s monstrous sound system behind us, you won’t find a more authentic spring break experience this side of Panama City Beach.

Plus: DJs before and after the film, a keg party set to go on into the early hours, and rewards for anyone who rocks up in the recommended dress code of DTF hotpants and neon pink balaclavas. In Franco’s immortal words, “bikinis and big booties, y’all — that’s what life is all about”.

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, a second screening has been added in the ICA Cinema to run simultaneous with the first. A ticket for the cinema screening still guarantees you access to the after party.