Ultra Culture will advertise literally anything for cash.

Ultra Culture has an intensely loyal fanbase of movie enthusiasts, as well as countless industry insiders and ‘media professionals’. As you might expect, I’m keen to exploit that fact by selling out on a regular basis to Britain’s many beloved corporations.

If you’re smart enough to realise that Ultra Culture is the perfect place to advertise your product/service/infanticidal baby formula, I’d love to hear from you. The blog offers a range of ad spots, as well as full site takeovers and advertorial posts, in which I pretend to like unwatchable crap in exchange for large sums of money.

All of this is handled by the lovely people over at w00t! media, who take a sizeable commission for their trouble. You can contact them on sales@w00tmedia.net or +44 (0)161 817 4431. Ask for Quentin, because there’s nobody there with that name, and it’ll piss them off.