This is the process by which you can get in touch.

At the bottom of this page is an e-mail address which you can use to get in touch with Ultra Culture. If — after reading the six paragraphs between here and there — you still feel the need to use it, you are more than welcome to do so.

Firstly, ask yourself the following question: what is it that I wish to say to Ultra Culture? If the answer can be contained within 140 characters, you may want to consider transmitting it through Twitter instead. Or maybe even Facebook, if you can work that whole thing out.

If your query relates to ad spots, advertorial, site takeovers or literally anything else involving a branding or monetary exchange, you need to refer to the advertising page. That goes for any and all ‘guest content’, ‘article placements’, ‘branding opportunities’, ‘promotional collaborations’ and ‘link exchanges’. Contacting the address below with any such enquiries will result in your name being added to my shitlist, along with Zoe Hellewell from the Vice Marketing Department, Anthony at Outsourced Content Today, Quentin Reynaud at Dailymotion, Marion and Josh at, Shabbir Ladha at MarkcoMedia, Joyce Paul at Slope Interactive and last and most definitely least, Jessica Clark at

If you do PR and are currently working on something that you think may be of interest, I’d love to hear from you. However, and I cannot stress this enough, please only get in touch if you sincerely think it’s a good fit for the blog. You are unlikely to convince me to cover your new Davina McCall-fronted exercise video, however many flattering references to recent Ultra Culture posts you’ve ‘enjoyed’ are arbitrarily thrown in.

If you want to add the address below to a mailing list, ask first. I might even say yes.

Ultra Culture does not cover short films, Kickstarter campaigns or infographics. So for the sake of my sanity, please don’t send any.

If you think you’ve spotted an error on the blog — factual, grammatical, whatever really — or have some constructive criticism to offer, I am genuinely interested to hear about it. If you just want to tell me I’m a cunt, I’m less enthused.

Well, that’s just about everything. If you’ve journeyed this far and lived to tell the tale, feel free to go ahead and contact .